Skin Care Products for Oily Skin

29th January 2005-05-31          ATTENTION SALES STAFF
Being a very sceptical person with Skin Care products and also having Very sensitive, oily skin I was unable to find anything to suit me.  Anyway I decided to give ISS Skin Care products  a go and to my amazement my skin looks and feels younger. I am using a milky cleanser for combination skin which gets rid of my oiliness and calms my skin. Ultimate Skin Polish which heals and soothes it is so micro fine, excellent feeling. I use Hydrating Dynamics and Ultimately Soothing cream day and night sometimes alternating them. ISS I’ Tox complex has done wonders I am nearly 34 and even my lines around my eyes have disappeared. Also no allergic reaction what so ever. I am so impressed to find something that works and that I have confidence in. I also have a renewed confidence with my younger looking skin. When other people see a difference, and they Have, and comment with positive remarks it makes me feel FANTASTIC! Thankyou so much to ISS. Fantastic ***
Kind regards         Debbie Finch

Psoriasis Treatment Worth its weight in Gold

I have been using ISS Psoriasis products for 6 months.
I am in my late 40’s and have tried everything out there to treat my Psoriasis with constant disappointment.   When first being introduced to ISS I was a definite sceptic along with all other Psoriasis sufferers who have tried everything and yes, I have tried it all. Well. I am using all your Psoriasis products and I must say I have never had such fantastic results. So, much so, that this last Christmas I was able to wear skirts for the first time in 8 yearsISS products do what they say they will do, and I will most definitely keep using them to keep my Psoriasis at bay.  These Psoriasis products also keep on and on, giving results. If I get the odd lesion  pop up, I promptly have a bath, use my Psoriasis polish, apply my Psoriasis Serum every few hours and my Psoriasis Superceuticals Complex at night and the new lesion is gone with a few days. Remembering prior
to using your products  my whole legs were covered in big red welts. I am even more impressed that these products continually keep working on my skin and not like other products and drugs work for a while and then stop. ISS is a dream come true, I feel so blessed that I found ISS I have not only been impressed with the products that work, I also would like to give Jane and staff at ISS credit for their caring service and detailed instructions, which have been easy to follow. I wash with the Psoriasis Treatment Bar every day. I use nothing on my skin other than ISS and it has been worth its weight  in gold. I am now free to wear what clothes I like, when I like, not having to worry about red embarrassing lumps, I have found renewed confidence and feel great.  Thank you Jane and staff for changing my life. I hope many people find out about ISS products for Psoriasis and realize they too do not have to live with copious amount of embarrassing lumps.
Regards,  Margie January 2005

Rosacea Skin Complex

I came to your store about a month ago seeking help with the skin condition Rosacea.
I had previously consulted doctors re this matter and had been told that the only cure was lazer surgery!!! I have previously tried many different skin care products in an attempt to reduce the redness across my nose and cheeks but no avail. Obviously due to this I have since become very sceptical about other products that claim to assist with this condition.
Purely by chance I stumbled across your store whilst out shopping one weekend and spoke with Jane who directed me towards your specialist skin care specially formulated for people suffering from Rosacea.
Still somewhat sceptical I purchased the Rosacea Skin ComplexOnly after a week or so I noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin overall, along with a dramatic reduction in the redness across my nose and cheeks.
Since then my skin has only got better and better and I no longer have to rely on packing on the make-up before I go out each day.
I highly recommend ISS products.
B. Agar