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Your face is your Passport
Are you experiencing, or do you have

  • dehydrated skin
  • red flushed sensitive, or Rosacea skin
  • pigmentation blotches on your skin
  • dry or flaking aging skin
  • adult acne or teenage acne
  • aging wrinkles, (face and under eyes)
  • dark eye area
  • shaving rash

Feet Psoriasis before and afterPsoriasis hands before and after

Jane Oxford, Dermal Therapist; We have the Answers

All skin conditions can benefit from a basic skin treatment and see results
Most skin problems have underpinning dietary problems, see our dermal therapist skin specialist for a total holistic overview of your skin. If you book in for a high performance facial with no other special, our skin clinic dermal therapist will discuss all the relevant dietary and organic skin care product information during your consultation.

Service Price
Reduce Redness in chronic Rosacea, super sensitive skin, eczema or psoriasis 1.5hours $150.00
Even skin tone, pigmentation blotches or sun damaged skin 1.5hours $150.00
Dry flaky skin or dehydrated premature aging skin 1.5hours $150.00
Teenage or adult acne lumps and bumps. Prevent scaring 1hour $98.00
Anti-aging intense treatments 1.5hours $150.00
Stop looking tired from dark eyes. Brighten your eye area and allow your eyes to sparkle 1.5hours $150.00

Get the best advice in Perth to reduce your redness, sensitivity or rosacea.

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